QuickSprites 3D is a browser based tool used to easily convert animated 3D models into directional sprite sheets for use in your games or other projects.

Choose from a range of mesh materials and setup your scene by positioning your model, lights and camera, then render your sprite sheet in a single click. Tweak a range of export settings to control the number of sides rendered, the frame rate or whether to include all of your animation clips during the exporting process.

For Unity users, an export-to-engine feature is also available to automatically generate the required asset files required to get your sprite sheets and all of its animations working in-engine as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT - QuickSprites 3D is in early development, as such, users may encounter bugs that have yet to be discovered. Before purchasing, please try the above in-browser demo to verify that your FBX files are supported.

FBX files should be greater or equal to version 7.0 and should be in the ASCII format. Textures should also be embedded in the file in order to be visible.

Main Features:

  • Standalone tool that does not rely on any game engine to run and can be used on any system that supports WebGL.
  • Support for both orthographic and perspective camera views with varying angles and positions.
  • Mesh transformation tools to facilitate the framing of models in the scene.
  • Various materials supporting different lighting models and applications (PBR, Phong, Lambert, Toon, Normals, and Unlit.)
  • Ability to export normal maps such that the lighting of bumps and indentations can be simulated in games or 3D applications.
  • Lighting tools to place directional and ambient lights throughout the scene.
  • Support FBX file format (FBX files should be greater or equal to version 7.0 and should be in the ASCII format. Textures should also be embedded in the file in order to be visible.)
  • Generate directional sprite sheets from animated 3D models.
  • Ability to control the number of directions generated during the exporting process, as well as the animation frame rate.
  • Choose between camera or model based rotation during the exporting process, such that lighting appears static or dynamic.
  • Support for multi-file exports, such that all animation clips are exported in a single click.
  • Export-to-engine feature to generate Unity project files used to automatically animate sprite sheets. Files generated include:
    • Sliced sprite-sheets.
    • Animation Clips
    • Animation Controller (configured with the proper animation states and blend trees.)
    • Helper script to interface with the Animation

Bug Tracker:

  • Certain FBX files are not recognized.

Special thanks to Quaternius for creating the Robot model used throughout this page.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
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Tags3D, Automation, PSX (PlayStation), resource-pack, Retro, Sprites, Unity


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